Checking/Applying Tax code or Student/Postgraduate Loan

Applies to P6 P9 SL1 SL2 PGL1 PGL2 Notices #

The system is generally set up to automatically retrieve tax code notices from HMRC using DPS (Data Provisioning Service).

You can check the DPS submissions in My data feeds. Select UpdatePAYE or UpdateSL (Student Loan) to see the respective notices that may have been retrieved. Also, you can move backwards and forwards through the historic submissions using the Previous and Next buttons:

Any retrieved tax codes or SL notices will then be applied to the PAYE or SL (student loan) pay items. You can see these by clicking the Show All tick box:

If you need to manually apply a paper tax code, please enter the Tax Code Week1Month1 and Effective date (along with any Previous pay or Previous tax if supplied) and click Update. You can then un-tick Show all to revert to the normal view.

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