Journal balance

How to fix a journal imbalance on the Pre-approval summary2 report. #

Journal imbalances are common once you start adding new pay definitions. Please follow the steps to configure and balance the journal for a particular pay frequency.

  1. Work out which item (s) are causing the imbalance. Usually, the Journal sheet on the Pre-approval summary2 report will identify this for you just below the journal.
  2. Next, you’ll need to work out where to insert this amount into the journal to balance. Does it need to be added to the Debit or Credit side? For example, if you are paying Net pay expenses, you’ll need to add these at the point where net pay appears in the Credit journal because the current net pay figure is lower than it really is.
  3. Go to Company set up > Report Definitions > Pre-approval summary2 and click Update to edit the report.
  4. Add a new journal entry:
    • Select the Account
    • Select the Narrative. The Narrative includes all Pay Definitions and also all busses – you may wish to select a single Pay Definition but at other times, it will be more convenient to select a Buss which includes all Pay Definitions connected to that Buss.
    • Click Add.
    • Sometimes it will be necessary to negate the value by ticking the Negate box as some values are held as negative and some positive.

  5. When you have finished adding any new Debit or Credit lines, click Update
  6. Test your new journal with a Pay Run Redo.
  7. If the resulting numbers look like they’re out by twice the amount (Debit or Credit) you originally intended, it’s probably that you need to go back and click the Negate box to turn a positive into a negative or negative to a positive.
  8. Once your journal balances, you are done. Change in the future, just repeat the above process.

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