PAYE – Generic Notifications

Please follow the guide below if you receive any generic notifications and are unsure what to do.

Incorrect Date of Birth #

Message #

“Our records show that you have a new employee and you may have used an incorrect National Insurance category or hold an incorrect date of birth.
Further information, including how to make any amendments, can be found by going to GOV.UK and search ’employer national insurance contributions for under 21s’.”

“Our records show that a recent Full Payment Submission (FPS) Report that you submitted included the incorrect use of National Insurance category \”M\” for one or more employees, which HMRC information shows are aged 21 or over. National Insurance category \”M\” is only for employees under 21. Before your next FPS Return; review all NI category \”M\” employee information and ensure the category applied and designatory data are correct.”

Action #

Identify the employee and correct their date of birth in Employee Setup.The new date of birth and correct national insurance NI category letter will automatically be sent on the next full payment submission (FPS)

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