Repairing Company State and Recoverables

Follow this advanced guide if you made an error in a prior pay run and need to repair company state.

Download current state #

Company Setup > Download… > Select the Company and click Download to download a CSV file of current company state:

Edit state #

Use a spreadsheet editor to edit the file.

  1. Ensure you retain all normal columns up to the bankdetail.BACS_SUN Unchanged – this is the last normal column before the state columns.
  2. State columns are prefixed with “$” – delete all state columns except the one you wish to keep and modify
  3. Carefully modify and edit the new row 2 value in your state column
  4. Change the state column name in row 1 by adding a “+” suffix – this tells paiyroll® that you wish to update existing state
  5. Save the file as CSV or XLSX

In the example below, the recoverable SMP values are being repaired:

Upload new company state #

Company Setup > Upload…

Select Company file wizard page #

  • Select the GB Jurisdiction
  • Choose the file you saved above
  • Click Upload file to server…

Edit to select Company data wizard page #

  • Tick Skip first row: to skip a header row
  • Click Pre-process selected data…

Review Company data to publish wizard page #

  • Check the Updated Company records by scrolling all the way to the right – there should be no chnages to your normal company columns.
  • The updated state column is not shown
  • Click Publish…

Check New State #

Your new company state has been uploaded. If you wish to check the values:

  1. Company Setup > Update the Company
  2. Scroll all the way to tthe bottom and click View State button
  3. The Company state will be shown

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