Uploading holidays from a spreadsheet

Follow this guide to upload holidays from a spreadsheet

Add Holiday Data-feed #

Company Set Up > Report Definitions > Add…

On the Create Report definition view:

  • Select the Company
  • Select the Template: Upload holiday bookings from CSV
  • Clear Dry-run
  • Select a Test worker with the Holiday pay Item
  • Click Add

Prepare the spreadsheet #

The file will need to include one row for each holiday booking. Here is an example:

Upload the file #

Go to My data-feeds and click Upload

Choose the file and click Start

Check the Payslip #

Go to the Pay Item Editor, select the employee and click Update to check the live payslip:

View Bookings #

If you need to view the bookings, go to My Processes and Select Book Holiday and the Year:

If needed you can also delete the booking, for example, if you made an error

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