National Insurance Number Available on Apple Wallet

“What’s your National Insurance Number?” Whether you’re on the receiving end or the person asking, not many people are able to give a quick response. For those who haven’t managed to memorise their National Insurance (NI) number yet, now you don’t have to! Apple iPhone users can now add their NI number to Apple Wallet either online or through the HMRC App. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide!

Use Apple Wallet as Proof of NI number

Employees can use their NI number via their Apple Wallet as genuine confirmation, which can be viewed, shared, and printed in the HMRC App within minutes and saved for future use. Simply check their name matches what is shown in the Apple Wallet and you can always ask for a screenshot for record-keeping. 

Android users can use Google Wallet in future

There is no release date yet but a similar feature is currently in the works to provide Android phone users the ability to save their NI number to their Google Wallet.

paiyroll® App lets employees add their own NI number to payroll

Employees can update their own payroll details (including NI number) together with their new starter declarations directly in the paiyroll® App. Employees are notified by the App automatically to complete missing information before payday and even verified the information. No more chasing, no more new starter paperwork, no more errors. This is just one of the ways paiyroll® simplifies payroll for businesses. If you’d like to know more about paiyroll® book a free personalised demo with us!

How to get your NI number on Apple Wallet: Step-by-step guide

1. Log in to your government gateway account. On the account homepage, scroll down to the section that says National Insurance.

2. Click on National Insurance. Scroll down to the section where you can View and save vour National Insurance number.

3. On the Save your National Insurance number page, scroll down until you see the Apple Wallet icon and click “Add to Apple Wallet”.

4. Hey Presto!
Now your National Insurance number is always with you in your Apple Wallet. Great work, Mr Bond!

Source: June 2023 issue of the Employer Bulletin [GOV.UK]