Payroll Checklist

If you are looking for payroll software, use our handy payroll checklist to make sure the product includes all the critical features:

  1. HMRC Recognised
  2. Cloud online Saas (Software As A Service) based
  3. Live payslips available any day before payday for anyone to check pay and correct errors
  4. Automatic Enrolment (AE)
  5. Postponement of AE for new starters or when eligible
  6. Multi-user access by any number of administrators, managers and employees
  7. Pay changes interactively, or scheduled for any future pay runs
  8. New starter forms entered by employees
  9. Holiday recording for salaried and zero-hour workers
  10. Holiday pay using a 52-week reference period
  11. Multiple data import formats
  12. Importing historical pay for holiday pay and Average Weekly Earnings (AWE)
  13. Full support for all Attachment of Earnings (AEO) court order types and Student Loan prioritisation when an employee has multiple AEOs and Student/ Postgraduate Loan
  14. Mobile app for employees
  15. Direct Timesheet entry by employees and approval by managers
  16. GDPR compliant access to Payslips, P60s, P45s and reports (no e-mail)
  17. Self-service employee access to update email, bank, address, NI, Student Loan and starter declaration
  18. Automated pay queries available online for employees
  19. National Minimum Wage reporting every pay run for all Pay Items
  20. Real-time excel reports and analytics
  21. Payroll Automation
  22. Pay on-demand
  23. Telephone, video and online support
Multi-user payroll
Multi-user payroll