Student Visa 20 hrs/pw Automated Compliance

Under Home Office regulations, an international student Visa only permits the student to work up to 20 hours per week during term time. Exceeding the 20-hour limit can mean revocation of the visa or even deportation. Because the consequences are serious, the employer has a duty of care to ensure this does not occur. In practice, this is very difficult to track and enforce for employers, especially with remote or distributed workforces across multiple branches.

How to Make Sure You Comply

paiyroll® includes an automated solution which works in near real-time.

As daily shifts are collected automatically or uploaded, each pay run will check every worker with a student Visa.

The software aggregates hours each week and supports weekly, 2-weekly, 4-weekly and monthly 4-4-5 pay schedules.

When run each day, this provides a full compliance report showing hours worked per week for all international student Visa workers.

Early Warning Notice Before 20-hour Limit

Download daily excel reports for real-time early warning indication of any students who may be approaching their 20-hour limit.

The existing National Minimum Wage (NMW) report has been extended to include the 20-hour Visa check. This is fully filterable in Excel.

The report can be configured with the threshold, for example 15 hours. Any students above 15 hours in the current week will then be automatically flagged with a Warning.

An example is shown below for 4 Student workers where:

  • John and Jake are compliant
  • Jane is Above 20-hours in the first week
  • Harry has an early Warning having breached 15 hours in the current week
Note: NMW columns D to Y have been hidden for clarity.