A Seamless Transition to Payroll Efficiency

Gill Caine, Accounts and Payroll Manager
The President Estate Farming Partnership

Meet Gill Caine, the Accounts and Payroll Manager at The President Estate Farming Partnership, a sprawling estate covering more than 3,000 acres in North Northumberland.

Gill oversees payroll for 80 employees, including both salaried workers and shift workers across 3 companies who serve the estate. In April 2023, after two decades of using a clunky desktop payroll software, time-consuming manual data entry, confusing holiday pay calculations and stressing about payslips, Gill found paiyroll® was the solution to her payroll needs:

  • Automated payroll calculations
  • Always-ready live payslips
  • Compliant holiday pay
  • Cloud-based, accessible from anywhere
  • Rotas integration

“A weight was lifted off my shoulders after moving to paiyroll®. It was exactly what I was looking for and more – what used to take me hours [payroll] now takes mere minutes, and it even does holiday pay! It’s a decent price too, and I couldn’t be happier. “

– Gill Caine

Switching to paiyroll® was effortless

Thinking about switching payroll providers was daunting for Gill, but with the excellent customer service coupled with a simple transition process, she was up and running with paiyroll® in minutes.

“Getting started was super-fast. All I had to do was upload my last FPS file and the spreadsheet containing all the employees shifts. I didn’t even need to reformat the data. Then in minutes I was using paiyroll!®”

– Gill Caine

A typical payroll day with Gill

On any given day, Gill will upload a spreadsheet with 20-odd workers with all kinds of data (days/miles/vehicle combinations). Gill’s husband created a spreadsheet for her which she uploads directly into paiyroll® – this is a 2-weekly payroll where week 1 and week 2 pay are separated to allow the correct holiday calculations.

“It probably takes 15 mins to update the figures now rather than a day with the old software. It means I can import each week when I am given the figures rather than waiting to 2-weeks at the same time. If any of the hours change, I just re-upload and then payroll is always ready.”

– Gill Caine

Almost instantly she will see updates to every employee’s payslips, which even the employees can check in real-time via the handy paiyroll® App. That means any errors in shift data can be identified by employees and flagged to Gill if needed, so corrections can be made before payday.

Q&A with Gill

What were the cost/time savings after switching to paiyroll®?
Having a system that automatically does all kinds of payroll calculations is a godsend! It really takes the faff out of the job, so I can focus on other things.

How often did you see errors in payroll before switching to paiyroll®?
Holiday pay calculations were always a pain to do, but after switching to paiyroll® I am completely confident that I’m compliant with the UK holiday pay laws.

What are the top 3 features you like most about paiyroll®?
1) Automated holiday pay calculations 2) Cloud-based software, so I never have to worry about losing my data 3) Customer service is second to none!

Have you seen any changes in employee satisfaction with regard to paiyroll®?
Employees love checking their live pay regularly. They’re more engaged with payroll than they used to be!