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Bring payroll in-house even with no payroll experience

Jack Short, Managing Director at Personnel Link Employment Group
(Staffing agency)

Meet Jack Short, Managing Director at Personnel Link Employment Group, a family-run staffing agency based in London dedicated to partnering with people and businesses to help fill in gaps in employment across several industries from hospitality and catering to legal and finance. 

Before using paiyroll®, Personnel Link outsourced payroll to a local accounting firm. Although this process worked, it was very manual, and error-prone and corrections to payroll would take over a day, which was very difficult when you’re running a tight weekly schedule. Personal Link had already automated many of their staffing processes and knew there must be a better way to do payroll. They initially reviewed recommendations from their accountant but none of the payroll systems offered automation. A quick Google search found paiyroll® and they were able to schedule a demo from the website.

Personnel Link now completes weekly shift-based automated payroll in less than an hour for almost 100 workers. They have been using the system since Sep 2023.

“We are so glad to have chosen paiyroll® – payroll is now as simple as uploading a spreadsheet, and then the whole process is automated in the paiyroll® software from start to finish.” 

– Jack Short, MD, Personnel Link

Personnel Link were naturally apprehensive about bringing payroll in-house as neither the MD nor the Operations Manager had ever done payroll before. After their paiyroll® demo, they found that paiyroll®  includes the ability to upload any format file for workers and shifts meaning clients do not have to change their existing process. Instead, paiyroll® reads the spreadsheet in any format and once uploaded can perform the pay run completely automatically.

““We were very impressed with the entire process – paiyroll® set up our system and provided training and it was all very easy and straightforward. If we have ever question, we just send an email to support and we always get response within an hour or so.” 

– Jack Short, MD, Personnel Link

Q&A with Jack

What were the cost/time savings after switching to paiyroll®?
Once we brought payroll in-house, we made a lot of cost-saving not having to pay to outsource something we can do very quickly and easily by ourselves – even with no payroll experience at all. Not to mention the time saved by not having to go back and forth with the outsourcing company to make corrections to errors!

How often did you see errors in payroll before switching to paiyroll®?
We used to spend a lot of time correcting errors with the outsourced payroll company but now with paiyroll® that’s a thing of the past. All of the complicated legislative calculations are done automatically, instantly and without mistakes.

What are the top 3 features you like most about paiyroll®?
1) Spreadsheet shift upload 2) Excellent customer service 3) Automated payroll

Have you seen any changes in employee satisfaction about paiyroll®?
Staff love using the self-service app where they can see exactly how much and when they are getting paid next!

How important is support and migration assistance?
Any time we were unsure of anything, the paiyroll® team were available to help at a moment’s notice. It was extremely helpful since we weren’t very experienced with payroll, to begin with, but now we can sit back and let paiyroll® do the hard work for us.