Success stories: Keeley Anthony

Quick, Reliable Payroll For a Growing Business

Keeley Anthony, Director
One Way or Another
staffing agency

Meet Keeley, the Director of One Way or Another (OWOA), a budding recruitment agency that prioritises diversity and judges candidates solely on their potential.

This commitment to inclusivity brought OWOA to the forefront of their field, but their rapid growth meant they needed an agile, cloud-based payroll solution to keep up with their expanding team which now exceeds 70 weekly-paid staff. Keeley initially used a free payroll software package with a limitation of just 10 employees but in August 2022, after recognising the urgency of their needs, she sought a solution to a more robust system that could evolve with the company and their needs:

  • Manage weekly payroll (Mon-Sun)
  • Rapid payroll processing (within 24hrs every Mon)
  • Integrated holiday booking system
  • Automated functions: tax codes and student loan notices
  • Same-day migration

“We [OWOA] were growing at such a great speed, we needed a payroll system urgently. It needed to handle weekly payroll and quick processing speeds. The only system I found to fit the bill perfectly was paiyroll®. I put my trust in paiyroll® so now I can focus on growing a successful business with happy employees.”

– Keeley Anthony

Same-day migration with excellent service

Time was ticking until the next pay run and Keeley could no longer rely on free software. She needed a rapid solution for her growing business, so it was time to switch to something more reliable, cost effective, fast and could handle same-day migration. Through a streamlined process, using the final Full Payment Submission (FPS) from the previous payroll software, the migration was executed within hours, delivering a seamless transition to paiyroll®.

“After deciding paiyroll® was right for me, Mark helped me migrate all my data and it was all done on the same day, in just a few clicks! It wasn’t long before I was ready to do my first pay run, and I was glad to have Mark support me every step of the way.”

– Keeley Anthony

A typical payroll day with Keeley

Monday used to start with the weekly payroll entry, an arduous task involving the entry of up to a hundred shifts from the week ending each Sunday. With a mere 6-hour window to process payroll and make payments, precision and speed are paramount. With paiyroll®, Keeley can upload all shifts from an Excel spreadsheet in seconds. Once loaded, the payroll is ready and all employees are then able to view their shifts, holidays and pay for the previous week using the Live payslip feature. This means that any errors can be reported and corrected on Monday. The workers also request holidays via the App and Keeley just has to hit ‘approve’ for payroll to be completed.

There are many automation features that come with paiyroll® such as tax codes and student loan notices for HMRC, saving Keeley valuable time. However, Keeley was particularly impressed with the Holiday Pay functionality. Employees simply enter the holiday request on the App, including all the necessary dates. Then this is approved by Keeley and all the payments are automatically included in the payroll. Importantly, holiday pay is automatically calculated in line with the 52-week holiday pay legislation.

“paiyroll® is a great product and a great company. I have used them for about a year or so now. I personally think they are worth every penny as it takes the hassle out of calculations, especially when it comes to holiday pay and SMP. The support team are also always on hand to assist, so I always feel confident and never alone.”

– Keeley Anthony

In the fast-paced realm of payroll management, Keeley ensures that OWOA stays efficient, compliant, and operational. The journey is demanding, but with paiyroll® by her side, she successfully navigates the complexities of payroll management week after week.

Q&A with Keeley

What were the cost/time savings after switching to paiyroll®?
I save hours every Monday! I used to spend several hours on payroll, but now I do it all in about 30 minutes.

How often did you see errors in payroll before switching to paiyroll®?
I used to see errors frequently, whether it was incorrectly entered data or missing shifts. But now all corrections can be made before pay day!

What are the top 3 features you like most about paiyroll®?
1) Easy to upload shifts from an Excel spreadsheet 2) Automated holiday pay 3) Never having to distribute a payslip (it’s done automatically!).

Have you seen any changes in employee satisfaction with regard to paiyroll®?
Employees love the live payslip feature and that they can log in with Google, Facebook or Apple means they don’t need to remember a password.