Exactly how payroll should work!

Before paiyroll, we manually processed hundreds of payslips each week using Brightpay. The process was tedious and time-consuming, and despite training our staff to manage and run payroll, we faced numerous setbacks such as knowledge gaps, multiple human errors, and, worst of all, a team member quitting. At that point, I considered returning to outsourcing payroll despite the higher costs.

That’s when I discovered paiyroll through a Facebook recommendation. paiyroll has completely automated our payroll operations, including automatic pension enrollment, matching user payroll IDs with our Time & Attendance system, updating bank details via candidate login, RTI HMRC submissions, and issuing detailed payslips without any manual input. Thanks to Paiyroll, I’ve reclaimed three days each week, and I can rest easy knowing that everything is handled efficiently. Gone are the days of going home worried about forgetting something on payroll!

paiyroll – Works exactly as described on the website!