What makes us different?

Founded by a team of engineers with a simple vision: Pay could be automated as an online payroll service in the cloud with Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA). paiyroll® is unlike existing systems:

Existing payroll isRPA paiyroll® isFor you that means:
Desktop payroll software for a Single userA cloud online payroll service for Multiple usersNo software to install, no updates, backup or archive – ever
Ready at the end of the week or month aka BatchContinuous calculation – Live payslip ready from day one aka InteractiveZero Errors – workers can check their pay 24×7
Holiday pay is manualAutomated 52-week holiday pay for any pay frequencyCompliance with new legislation with no effort
Weekly or MonthlyDaily, Weekly or MonthlyDaily pay or pay-on-demand
All data entry is manualAutomated data collection from HR, Time & Attendance or CSV 75%+ Time saved
Outsourced or back office manually processedAutomatedChanges in minutes and not hours
Payslips, P60s and P45s E-mailed or published on a portalWorkers generate their own Payslips, P60s and P45s with Self-serviceGDPR compliant + never publish a Payslip, P60s and P45s ever again
Designed for expert payroll operatorsDesigned to not require an operatorCost and Time Saved
HatedLoved!Engaged employees access the app daily
What makes payroll different