What the Supreme Court ruling means for you – Holiday Pay and NMW

Uber drivers are workers not self employed, Supreme Court rules

The Supreme Court decided that Uber drivers are workers, so what does that mean for your company? If you pay any zero hours workers, and they have worker or employee status, then you may think all is well. However, there are 3 key questions you need to ask following this decision.

Are all your zero hour workers:

  1. Auto-enrolled (AE)?
  2. Above the National Minimum Wage (NMW)?
  3. Receiving Holiday pay under the new April 2020 Holiday pay law?

If you can’t answer an emphatic Yes, read on…

Although many employers now ensure their hourly rates are above the minimum, there are many checks you still need to perform. The calculation guidance is published on GOV.UK, but if you want to know how to automate this then read more.

The law on holiday pay changed in Apr 2020 and the method for calculating pay changed. This is known as the 52-week pay reference period because you need to look back over 104 weeks and average only 52 paid weeks. The full details of how to perform the calculation are provided on GOV.UK. If you want to automate the process entirely then read more

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