Customising payslips

Follow this guide to customise the payslips in My documents.

Company Logo #

First, ensure you have set the company logo.

Payslip Report Definition #

Company Setup > Report Definitions and Update the Payslip2 report

Styles #

See the example payslip below for typical styling changes you can make:

Payslip Title #

To change the Payslip Title at the top of the payslip use the heading_style:

{% block heading_style %} 
    color: #EE6138;
{% endblock %}

Tables #

To style each of the tables in a payslip use the table_heading_style

{% block table_heading_style %}
    background-color: #6D7075;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #6D7075;
    border-top: 1px solid #6D7075;
{% endblock %}

Logo #

if you need to scale your logo, perhaps because it is too large, use the client_logo_style:

{% block client_logo_style %} 
    max-width: 20%;
{% endblock %}

Adding Plain Text Messages #

“”Christmas pay dates:
Work WC 03.12.23 Paid 15.12.23
Work WC 10.12.23 Paid 22.12.23
Work WC 17.12.23 Paid 02.01.24
Work WC 24.12.23 Paid 05.01.24

Base Template #

There are a number of different base templates, but most will want to use the default.

Save #

Click Update to save your changes.

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