3. Complete missing data

The Sage 50 files used do not contain full payroll data. Therefore, the following steps are required after import to complete an accurate and correct payroll:

  1. Pay Definitions for pension, holidays, deductions and schemes must be created. Auto-enrolment will need a scheme Pay Definition. More information is available in Set up a GB pension
  2. Pay Items
    If you have multiple Pay Items to add or wish to perform multiple imports for parallel runs, you may find it easier to create a spreadsheet file(s) to upload. See Upload Data

    Alternatively, use the Pay Item EditorPAY_ITEM_EDITOR to review each employee and add any missing Pay Items. You can ensure they have the correct values by clicking Update which will generate a live payslip. Remember to add the following Pay Items:

    • Automatic-enrolment

    • Deductions

    • Holiday. Enter the annual entitlement and balance for the remainder of the year for each employee. See Set up Holidays for more information.

    • If you have additional salary pay items, e.g. Directors Salary not specified on import, they will be imported using a Payment Pay Template instead of the Salary Pay Template. Replace these with a suitable salary Pay Definition.

  3. A basic set of Report Definitions are provided. You should add any required.

    • MY_DATA_FEEDS It is recommended that you use My Data Feeds GB HMRC DPS (Data Provisioning Service) to import updated coding notices from HMRC. Enter your HMRC credentials into the GB HMRC DPS report and Start the feed. Note: as the report is a feed, it can only pull data from HMRC and there is no risk of accidental submission.

    • HMRC RTI FPS and EPS.

      User ID and Password are not imported which means there is no risk of accidentally submitting data to HMRC. However, the HMRC test service is used to test each pay run together with a test receipt. When all the steps are complete, you must enter your user ID and password in FPS and EPS Report Definitions

  4. Pay schedule: For each pay frequency, delete, then Add… a Pay Schedule with an exact match for your payday and pay period. After making any changes, be sure to re-run the pay runPAY_RUNS to update all the reports.
  5. Update all Company fields as the Sage files only provide the tax year. Now is a good time to rename the company and don’t forget to press Update.

paiyroll® is now ready.

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