Added a new employment in error

In payroll®, the employee record supports multiple employments by simply adding, or uploading, new start and leave dates whenever you need to re-employ someone.

If you inadvertently add new employment to a leaver, i.e., clear their end date, and set a new start date, and then find this was an error, follow the steps below to restore the leaver status:

Home > Employee setup and update the employee

Change the start date and the end date to the exact same dates as the previous employment. If you enter either of the dates incorrectly, an error will, be displayed as the system checks, that employment dates are not overlapping. If you cannot remember those dates, click the button at the bottom of the employee record labelled View State. A new tab will open – then scroll down to the bottom where you will see an employment block that looks like this:

“employment”: [
[ “2023-09-18”,

Ensure you enter the dates recorded in the system for the previous employment and click update and the previous employment dates (leaver) will be restored.

If you are uploading employees from a file, you should also be able to upload an employee record with the exact same dates which will also restore the leaver status.

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