Bulk copy definitions between companies

If you need the same Definitions (Pay definitions, Report definitions etc.) in multiple companies, use this guide for bulk download/edit/upload.

Note: the example below is done for Pay definitions, but the process is the same for Report definitions.

Download #

  • Company Setup > Pay definitions (or Report definitions)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Download…
  • Select the company and click Download:

You will have a file called something like paydefinition – 2024-04-25T163139.108.csv in your Downloads folder

Edit #

Edit the file using a spreadsheet editor like Excel.

The downloaded files will include many standard definitions. Each definition is on its row.

Delete all of the rows you do not need, and only keep the ones you wish to copy:

The company name is in 2 parts:

  • Client; Company.

In the example above, the client is called Acme and the company is called Advanced Mechanics. Carefully change the company name to the new one you want to upload to. e.g. White Co while keeping the same client name:

We recommend saving the file as a multi-sheet XLSX. That way you can retain formatting and use one sheet (tab) per company.

Upload Wizard #

  • Company Setup > Pay definitions (or Report definitions)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Upload…

  • Choose file and click Upload file to server…
  • On the next wizard page, check you have the correct file (the top 3 rows are shown)!
  • If you have a multi-sheet Excel, ensure you click on the correct sheet (tab)
  • Tick Skip the first row: Tick to skip a header row
  • Click Pre-process selected data…
  • On the last page of the wizard, check everything that will be uploaded.
  • Any New or Updated definitions are shown.
  • Finally, click Publish… to complete the operation:

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