Changing a Pay Schedule

If you need to change your pay schedule, for example, add new departments or change dates, follow the steps below:

  1. Company Setup > Pay Schedules: Click Update to edit the schedule and then clear the Enabled checkbox and click Update. This will temporarily suspend usage of that schedule and allow you to make edits.
  2. Then Update the same schedule to make any required changes
  3. If you need to amend departments, then carefully enlarge the department window (pull down from the bottom right-hand corner) and use CTRL-click on a PC or Command-click on MacOs to add or remove any departments to the already selected list. If you accidentally click the wrong department and/or lose the previous multi-selected list, just don’t update – instead hit back and then go in to update the pay schedule again to try and preserve the ones that were selected
  4. Make any other changes as required to the pay schedule.
  5. Finally, re-enable the schedule by clicking the Enabled checkbox and click update
  6. Pay runs > Redo the scheduled pay run. You will now have the same scheduled run on the new date. After a few seconds, delete the old dated pay run.

Your schedule has been updated and a newly dated pay run is ready.

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