Starting a Pay Run

Usually, the Pay Run workflow will already be running and there is no action required other than to Redo or Approve a pay run.

However, you may need to start a new Pay Run workflow for the following reasons:

  • You need to start a Custom Pay Run because an employee is leaving or you need an additional Pay Run e.g. Office staff who are paid on a different day
  • You need to start an On Demand Pay Run because an employee has asked for pay
  • Starting the very first Pay Run
  • You added or changed a Pay Schedule and need to start the associated Pay Run
  • You accidentally deleted a Pay Run

Start a new Pay Run as follows:

  1. Go to Pay runs 
  2. Click the top menu option Pay Run workflows
  3. Start the Payrun workflow using the Start button 
  4. Scroll down below the BPMN diagram and carefully select the type of Pay Run workflow you need:
    • Start This is for a normal Scheduled Payrun which will start immediately after you click the button. It will automatically delete a previous run of the same frequency and date.
    • Custom Start Selecting this option takes you to a new view where you need to configure the details of the Pay Run:
      • Select the Schedule and Actual_t date required.
      • Then select the workers who will participate in the run:
        • You can filter workers by department which makes it easy to either select an entire department, or specific workers from that department.
        • Select each worker by clicking on the > button to move them into the Selected workers window. If you make a mistake, you can remove workers using the < button
        • Select all filtered workers with the >> button or remove them with the << button
      • Click Start to start the custom pay run
    • On Demand Start Only select this option if you want to start a workflow for workers who have made an On Demand request. The next view allows you to:
      • Chose the Schedule and Actual_t date of the Pay run. By default, any workers who have requested On demand will appear in the Selected workers window.
      • Remove any workers you do not wish to include using the < or << buttons.
      • Click Start to start the pay run.

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