Handling pay run exceptions

Follow this Guide to handle payroll exceptions.

Confirm the cause #

Go to Pay runs and View the Pay run to establish the cause of the exception. If waiting too long for report submission to complete was the cause, then see this guide here.

Once you have resolved any report submission exceptions you will then need to handle the pay run exception. There are 2 paths to follow below, depending upon whether the pay run was correct and can continue, or whether you need to disapprove the pay run and make changes.

My Tasks #

Go to My tasks and locate the pay run that is failing (this may be on the Queued tasks tab). Then click Resume Submission as Payroll Approver:

If there are multiple administrators, you may see a screen where you need to assign the Task to you by clicking Done:

Resume report submissions (any issues have been resolved) #

For report submissions that have been corrected, the usual step is to resume waiting for the pay run by clicking Done:

Disapprove the payrun so updates can be made (invalidates existing submissions) #

if you discover that the cause of a report submission exception needs to be corrected in the pay run, you should then Disapprove the pay run which puts you back in a position to make any required changes:

Make any required changes proceed to approval.

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