Payroll supplements

No need to switch. Simply use with your existing payroll software.

Holiday Pay Companion

Simply add onto your existing payroll software for holiday pay that is:

✅ Automatically calculated*
✅ Instantly available
✅ Online in the cloud
✅ Compliant with UK law

*incl. overtime/commission variable hours, zero-hour & salaried fixed hours using your existing employee data.

Duplicate PayID Correction Service

Holiday pay is now quick and compliant.

✅ 1-day correction service (no waiting months/years)
✅ Correct all PayID duplicates
✅ No more calls to HMRC
✅ Risk-free guarantee

Holiday Pay Compliance Check

Check if your holiday pay calculations are compliant with UK law. If left unchecked, your business could be at risk of being fined and forced to pay eye-watering sums of backdated pay.