Company/Client branding logo and colours

Follow this guide to update the logo and colours for companies and your client.

Overview #

Company branding is visible to the company’s employees on their Mobile app screens. If you have multiple companies, you can use different branding for each company. This company Logo will also appear on the Payslips.

Client branding is separate and only affects administrators when they view the Admin screens.

Company branding #

Logo #

First, you will need a Logo image URL from the company website. Navigate to the company website and find the logo you wish to use. if you place your mouse over your company logo and right-click, you should get an option to Copy Image address. If you are unsure you may need to check with your website manager.

Company Setup > Update the relevant company:

Scroll to the bottom of the Company page, then Paste this URL copied above:

Colours #

The easiest way is to open your company website in another browser window and navigate to a page with your colours. Then use the colour picker to pick the colours directly from your website

Alternatively, you can enter the RGB, HSL or Hex codes if you know them:

Click Update to make the changes to the company.

After making any company change, employees will need to log out and log in again to have the change take effect.

Repeat the steps for any other company, or the section below for bulk updates.

Client branding #

If you want to change the branding for Administrators, click Setup and Update the client:

Follow the same steps as above to set the Logo and Colors for the client.

Note: After making any client change, you will need to log out and log in again to have the change take effect.

Bulk Company branding using Download/Upload #

If you have multiple companies to update, you may find it easier to Download… the companies as a CSV. Then edit each company row in a spreadsheet and Upload… You will need to know the logo image URL colour codes to use this approach.

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