Make Company Documents visible to clients or privileged employees

Follow this guide to make company documents visible to privileged workers, for example, a manager or a client Director in a bureau setting.

If you need to provide access to an individual who is not being paid. then add them as a new employee and make them a test worker.

Company Preferences settings #

Company setup > Update the relevant company

Scroll down to the Preferences section. If you need to expand the windows to see the reports and workers, click and drag down the control in the corner to resize the windows.

Select the document(s) and the Worker who can view the document(s). Use ctrl-click on PC and command-click on Mac to select multiple documents.

Important: please ensure you check the employee and the documents made visible before granting access - this privilidged worker will be able to see all the detial normally reserved for administrators.

Click Update to commit the change

Employee or Client Manager Access #

The privileged worker will be able to view and download the document(s) in a new folder on the mobile app called Company Documents:

Clear Access #

Update the company as above

Expand both the Report definitions and Privileged workers windows to see the reports and workers (click and drag down the control in the corner to resize the windows).

Click on all previously selected documents and workers to clear the selections and access.

Ensure all documents are unselected:

Click Update.

If you leave a worker selected with no documents, you will receive an error “No report definitions set for privileged workers”.

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