My deduction (NIC, PAYE, …) is wrong!

When a worker’s payslip appears to show an incorrect deduction, paiyroll® has some unique feature to help work out what the problem might be:

  • The “Pay Diagram”

Using the Pay Diagram #

Let’s say that worker Sherlock Holmes has queried their NIC deductions for the pay run on 2019-07-28. The first thing to do is to go to the “Pay runs” listing and then “View” it:

Next, click the Payslips tab, and select Sherlock Holmes from the drop-down:

As you can see, at this point, the payslip will be shown. However, below the payslip is the Pay Diagram consisting of some displayed text fields and then a block diagram. In this case, select the “Details” for the NIC:

You will see the “Inputs” to NIC came from a Buss called “Gross pay for NIC purposes” and totalled £2000.00, and the “Outputs” were £153.72 for Employee NIC and 176.78 for Employer NIC. Also displayed is a diagram showing:

  1. The blocks which provided the inputs to NIC.
  2. The NIC block.
  3. The blocks where the outputs from NIC went.

In this case, the NIC is driven by AE, Salary, Book holiday and so on. Similarly, NIC itself drove GB Liability. By clicking on these blocks, you can quickly see how values moved through the system from left to right. This will help you identify any unexpected values.

Hint: If you find that a block which was expected to drive NIC is not shown, check the Pay Definition for that block and review the Busses configured on its outputs.

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